Monday, September 24, 2007

How are you today? I want you to know that you constantly inspire me to keep going, to be productive and to strive to achieve the next goal. As you see, I have posted your picture online and the twinkle in your eye is a constant reminder to "doing it the best you can, is better than not doing it at all!" I Love You Daddy. Pamela Ann

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Day My Father Passed

The day my father passed I felt so far away. I had imagined his image on an obituary the night before. That was my cue to call and say "Good Night." He laid waiting for that moment to come for years. I'm really happy imagining everything that he is doing now. I wonder, is he playing his drums or did he head right to the bathroom so he can stand up and pee holding his own wee wee (I mean din-a-ling, cause I bet my Dad was hung)? Is he golfing on big relaxing field of green or standing up over a barbecue pit with music on rocking to the beat? Whatever it is he's doing, I see a twinkle in his eye and folks drawing closer to his engaging conversations.
I love you forever Daddy! Your, Pamela Ann