Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Day My Father Passed

The day my father passed I felt so far away. I had imagined his image on an obituary the night before. That was my cue to call and say "Good Night." He laid waiting for that moment to come for years. I'm really happy imagining everything that he is doing now. I wonder, is he playing his drums or did he head right to the bathroom so he can stand up and pee holding his own wee wee (I mean din-a-ling, cause I bet my Dad was hung)? Is he golfing on big relaxing field of green or standing up over a barbecue pit with music on rocking to the beat? Whatever it is he's doing, I see a twinkle in his eye and folks drawing closer to his engaging conversations.
I love you forever Daddy! Your, Pamela Ann


Boddah said...

Passed- to go away in time.
After the day that my father passed I have been a bit sorrowful, but all at the same time, happy. Happy for the new and eternal life he is now living, without wretchedness.

Coolskim said...

My Brother passed in June this year after dealing with a long illness. Those of you who knew him knew that the spirit of his being, the essence of Arthur Allen will never diminsh. The last time I saw him in California (after being bed-ridden for years, I was so amazed to see the same brother that I'd seen in 1974 after my discharge from the Army. I will never forget his spirit, which was always positive. He was kind and gentle but firm, open and honest. He was a "Cool Cat"...I love him and miss him dearly(still/always)...Uncle James

emartin43 said...

ejmcadillacI had difficulty seeing his transformation, but, I went through it, meaning I saw him as much as possible, and talked with him even though his comprehension faded in and out.

clearly He is no longer in his earthly body, but his flesh isn't what connects us to him. It is his love for all humanity that Eloheem chose him to be at that place, for that time, for the many, many people he influenced.

He loved my mother, so much, I'm now only beginning to understand, how much, they truly were meant to be together.

The good news is he always did his best, and always strived for excellence. If you have any knowledge about the spirit. You would know that every body(vessel) has one. When any person passes, there spirit is always conserved. He was definitely of the Holy Spirit.

Pamela Ann said...