Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Passion for the Run

Run . . . . . . . . . . . Jog . . . . . . . . . . . Scoot . . . . . . . . . . .
thats me and my crew!!!!

Hey Daddy,
I'm working on this new image to hang in the bedroom. Its on hold, while in my head Im thinking of running and art, my passions are battling it out. I dont know what excuse I can use for the canvas other than running is winning. Well, I guess I need to complete my picture or it will just sit on the easel for a month. I think I need to stick to the running art and get out the bedroom. HA. oh, well.
July we are traveling the whole month and I wont be here to work on it. But as you know, got running shoes, will travel. What I do like about traveling, I get to run in a lot of differents states and elements. I havent entered any races out of town. But I do enjoy the hills. I'll start taking pictures when Im out of town and posting them. (I got that from Marc and Tanya), they are the ones I introduced to you that run 30-70 miles, yes again in one day.
Above, I posted my girls. I dont know if they would like that I added them, but since they are my girls, they shouldnt. We help and encourage one another, just like you do for me when out there alone. Our next event is not until August, however Im still running steady.
I love you
Your Pamela Ann

Friday, June 20, 2008

Marathon for you

Hey Daddy,
You know what? Running a marathon is really nothing. They're people who run 50 plus miles, yes in one day. Guess you knew that, well I really never paid that much attention. I kept just hearing folks tell me that they wont do it with me or start training and bail out before we hit 10 miles. The challenge is all in your head, and once the mind is made up, the body just to have to go along for the ride and eventually appreciates the journey.
I know I have set my goals and achieved what I thought I wanted on the marathon circuit, but you have always shown me not to settle. Its been over five years since my last marathon and I have relocated out of state, menopause, new friends and a new perspective later... I have decided to keep going, because I can.
I will dedicate my next marathon in memory of you, every mile and every step. Thank you forever being by my running stride. I will run a half marathon October, a half in November and a full December 14th of this year.
I Love love and Appreciate you. Looking forward to sharing.

Pamela Ann

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Joi, Peace and Happiness

Hello Daddy,

We pray for peace and I know you have it.

We pray for happiness and Im glad that you give it back.

We pray for joy we have to give to receive it.

Thank for giving your all and your sharing your love.

We love love you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

From your brother James

Just remember as a kid, how much I wanted to be like him; very smart/intelligent; studious; driven; focused; charming; loveable; talented musician, producer and writer; and so funny…we use to tell some good stories; after taking leave in the Army; 1974; I stayed w/Art and Lela for a week or so…had the best time in my life; our family is such a resourceful culture and mixture of persons/personalities of which are untouched resources…we could unite as a family and connect to the network collectively that we all have…skies the limit….that’s the vision your dad had for us as a family; to keep in touch and “take care of each other”; that’s what your grandmother, Aunt Tutta, Aunt Zee did for us…we need to instill that in our children; we have “very” extended family needing some “bridge work”…overall, I think mother and Paper Tee would be proud of us, all…

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Hey girl…hope things are going well…gonna try and call Lela sometime this wkend; been thinking bout her lately…I sure miss Arthur Allen J

I want to live my next life backwards: You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old age home feeling better every day. Then you get kicked out for being too healthy. Enjoy your retirement and collect your pension. Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're too young to work. You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you're generally promiscuous. Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities. Then you become a baby, and then... You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions - central heating, room service on tap, and then... You finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case

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