Friday, June 20, 2008

Marathon for you

Hey Daddy,
You know what? Running a marathon is really nothing. They're people who run 50 plus miles, yes in one day. Guess you knew that, well I really never paid that much attention. I kept just hearing folks tell me that they wont do it with me or start training and bail out before we hit 10 miles. The challenge is all in your head, and once the mind is made up, the body just to have to go along for the ride and eventually appreciates the journey.
I know I have set my goals and achieved what I thought I wanted on the marathon circuit, but you have always shown me not to settle. Its been over five years since my last marathon and I have relocated out of state, menopause, new friends and a new perspective later... I have decided to keep going, because I can.
I will dedicate my next marathon in memory of you, every mile and every step. Thank you forever being by my running stride. I will run a half marathon October, a half in November and a full December 14th of this year.
I Love love and Appreciate you. Looking forward to sharing.

Pamela Ann


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

What marathon are you going to run?
Way to step back up to the marathon challenge. You will do great!!

Pamela Ann said...

Im going to run Jacksonville Bank marathon in December. I will be checking your blog often for inspiration. I look forward to your next venture. Thanks for the comment.


rebecca said...
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