Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Daddy,
This is the month I start the Argyle Branch Library mural. This is final draft and I'm pretty excited about it. I had to make some changes to it. Like they didn't want the base of the feet to show. I had them bare and exposed. I had to add computers, because libraries offer more than just books to the public. Other than that, they really allowed me to be a free spirit on this one. The library's theme is "Start Here, Go Anywhere." So that helped me to developed the concept 'Book Park' and my imagine ran from there. Instead of a sidewalk I created a book-walk, bookmobiles for cars that the kids drive while they are reading, book-boards for skateboards, a book-bed instead of a bunk bed, air-book for flying imaginations.
They go into the park ready to read and come out broadened with more to read. Kids go to bed with reading on their minds, just like PJ. Two of her stuffed animals are included. Luv-luv has her back to us, she is the one with the long pink tail. My personal favorite part of all is the bird's metamorphosis into the the book. Where the little boy is flying is area that I enjoy viewing in the mornings when I'm out running from the house. I love this view and the raise of the sun and sky I anticipate creating extraordinary.
Regions Bank are the sponsors of this public art project. I am so thankful I can make a living using my talents. Thank you Daddy, for all the Christmas windows and business's we painted together from the age of 12, out in the cold and all the stories you shared. For teaching me how to handle my business before I really ever had a business.
I love you,
Your Pamela Ann

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