Thursday, December 18, 2008

Marathon Specialty

Daddy the marathon run is this weekend, are you ready??? I had to get a new MP3 player, the other one decided to trip up and just go kerput. The radio part of it works sometimes, but the is it. I got another and was able to save some music from the radio onto it. Don't know if it equals to 4 hours and it don't have your voice on it either. You are up in my head always to stay anyway. Technology will never live up to the measures of you.

Im ready to get off this marathon daily eating routine. At first is was like, "wow I get to eat all that, yes" but now, Im ready to eat modest. After the marathon I will take a week off and start the cross fit program to gain some muscle. I will continue to run in smaller increments and build back up to the end of the year with a 50k in the high desert with Tanya and Marc December 2009.

Tomorrow I'll pick up my race number, GU, make sure I have a pack of gum too. I have to chew some after I take the GU to shake the after taste. I like the Triberry and the Orange something. They help keep me boosted up and get the protein to my muscles so I haven't had to deal with numbness. I checked the weather for Sunday, it is suppose to be 37 degrees with scattered storms and a high of 73 degrees. Well, I did want it to be cold, but not that dog-gon cold. I set my target goal at 4:30. With it being that cold I might run a 4:10, he he he. Most important, I have your drumstick, that I will be carrying while we run, so enjoy the ride.

I had to change my shoes to. I must have put more miles than I thought to count. But during my last run I was glad to check em to find that, yes indeed it was time. I went back to the running shoe store and they were out of my size and I had to go to the same brand and style. It is to close to the marathon to switch up shoes even though now they have a style new for 2009, $110. I was able to get the same Asis GT2130's, same size, different store different price. Hmmm, the same shoes on sale for $76, regular price for $95 at the running store was found at the sports store same regular price on sale for $59. This is the wrong time to be a loyal customer. My feet are happy with the style that I have, but now that is discontinued I will have to change styles on my next purchase. But still it makes me say "Hmmmm, specialty stores?"


Just_because_today said...

Why do they change styles so often??? It seems that once you find a pair you like, it's discontinued the next year. I go on line and try to buy as many pairs as I can of the old style.
37 is good temperature for a marathon (but, hey today with the wind chill it feels like -10 so 37 is a heatwave)
Good luck. Enjoy the run.

Just_because_today said...

I tried to send you pictures of the day when the trees froze but what I thought was email rejected. Maybe I'll put them on the blog

Good luck!