Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have Options or be Forced

Hello Daddy,
This sounds like a conversation we would have on options. I think that having options gives you ways of selecting the things that you want or desire to have. It's many directions you can go with options. I like having the options to being able to select which project I would  like to work on and I have to appreciate the challenges that comes with those options.

Then I think about having no options, then that means being forced to take what given to you and that's it. No looking to theright or the left. No up or down just no choices. Life is grander than forced, we all have options. Yet when we select to live as if we are forced to be here, thats when it becomes difficult to view the options that we have.

Being aware of our options will make us stronger. When we the world of people learn how valuable we are as people together starting with family, it can stream into our communities. I also thought of a children's book on my run today that can probably assist in growing at an early age for entrepreneurs no different than you taught me. I dont want to see us being forced into poverty, abuse, neglect and sickness. I want change Daddy. "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork"

I love you,
Your Pamela Ann 

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